Will the Parrot Teleprompter work with larger phones?

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13 January 0   2

Will the Parrot Teleprompter work with large phones, "Phablets" like the Samsung Galaxy note or the iPhone 6 Plus? The short answer is Yes. The Parrot Teleprompter will work with any phone with a diagonal screen size of 5.7 inces or smaller. That covers just about all the phones out there! With that said you may experience an issue with a few characters getting cut off by the teleprompters edge. You can simply use the margins setting the in the Parrot Teleprompter app to move the text inside of the Teleprompter limits. Keep in mind that the Parrot Teleprompter is not designed for use with iPads or other tablet. The tablet may obstruct the camera's field of view because it stick out too much, and it may cause stress on the lens or teleprompter due to the increased weight.