Can the Parrot Teleprompter scratch my Phone's screen?

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I often get asked if the Parrot Teleprompter can scratch a phone's screen. I have sold thousands of these and I have yet to have anyone run into this issue. The reason why the Parrot Teleprompter can't scratch your screen is due to the scientific property known as hardness. It's just as you would think, a harder object will scratch a softer object. There are a number of methods and scales to measure hardness including Mohs, vicker, and the rockwell scale.

Just to give you an idea we will use the Mohs scale because it is based on mineral hardness. It basically goes like this:

Hardness Substance or mineral
0.2–0.3 caesiumrubidium
0.5–0.6 lithiumsodiumpotassium
1 talc
1.5 galliumstrontiumindiumtinbariumthalliumleadgraphiteice[12]
2 hexagonal boron nitride,[13] calciumseleniumcadmiumsulfurtelluriumbismuthgypsum
2.5–3 goldsilveraluminiumzinclanthanumceriumJet (lignite)
3 calcitecopperarsenicantimonythoriumdentin
3.5 platinum
4 fluoriteironnickel
4–4.5 steel
5 apatite (tooth enamel), zirconiumpalladiumobsidian (volcanic glass)
5.5 berylliummolybdenumhafniumglasscobalt
6 orthoclasetitaniummanganesegermaniumniobiumrhodiumuranium
6–7 fused quartziron pyritesiliconrutheniumiridiumtantalumopalperidottanzanite
7 osmiumquartzrheniumvanadium
7.5–8 emeraldhardened steeltungstenspinel
8 topazcubic zirconia
8.5 chrysoberylchromiumsilicon nitridetantalum carbide
9 corundumtungsten carbide
9–9.5 silicon carbide (carborundum)titanium carbide
9.5–10 boronboron nitriderhenium diboride (a-axis),[14] stishovitetitanium diboride
10 diamondcarbonado
>10 nanocrystalline diamond (hyperdiamond, ultrahard fullerite), rhenium diboride (c-axis)[14]

Basically if the following minerals can scratch the material being measured then it falls under that rating. The hardness of the plastic we use is about a 2.5 on the Mohs scale. The hardness of regular glass is about a 5.5 on the same scale. Since the scale is logarithmic, glass is about 1,000 times harder than plastic.

That's just the long winded way to say that the Parrot Teleprompter won't scratch your screen.